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Hello, dear patrons of Moulin Blanc Café! Today, we’re diving into a topic that has sparked debates, fueled arguments, and even triggered legislative discussions in France: the difference between Pain au Chocolat and Chocolatine. But why is this so important, you ask? Well, because the terminology you use can reveal a lot about where you’re from or at least, where you’d like to be! So, let’s unravel this buttery, flaky, chocolatey mystery, shall we?

The Basics: What Are They?

Firstly, let’s clear the air. Both Pain au Chocolat and Chocolatine refer to the same mouthwatering pastry that consists of layers of buttery dough folded around bars of chocolate. The only real difference between the two is the name, which varies based on the region you find yourself in.

The Tale of Two Names

In most parts of France and the world, it’s known as Pain au Chocolat. In southwest France, notably in the Gascony region, it’s referred to as Chocolatine. If you call it Pain au Chocolat in a Bordeaux bakery, you might get a disapproving glance; conversely, saying Chocolatine in Paris could garner puzzled looks.

Historical Context

The origins of this pastry are shrouded in mystery. While some say it dates back to the Austrian “Schokoladencroissant,” which then morphed into the French Pain au Chocolat, others claim that it has Gascon roots and hence the name Chocolatine. Regardless of its beginnings, it has become an iconic part of French patisserie and is now delighting taste buds at Moulin Blanc Café in Venice, Florida.

Regional Preferences: It’s Not Just a Name

Interestingly, the name isn’t the only thing that differs regionally. The ratio of chocolate to pastry and even the type of chocolate used can vary based on local preferences. In some areas, dark chocolate reigns supreme, while in others, milk chocolate or even a mix of both are the norm.

The Legislative Angle

Yes, you read that right. The French parliament has actually spent time debating what this beloved pastry should be officially called. In 2018, a group of MPs from southwest France proposed an amendment to standardize the name as Chocolatine, but alas, it did not pass. The debate still rages on!

What We Call It at Moulin Blanc Café

Here at Moulin Blanc Café in sunny Venice, Florida, we give you the choice. Whether you say Pain au Chocolat or Chocolatine, you’re guaranteed to get the same scrumptious pastry that our customers rave about. Our bakers use the finest chocolate and layer upon layer of dough to create the perfect texture and flavor.


So, the next time you’re enjoying a freshly baked Pain au Chocolat (or Chocolatine!) with your espresso at Moulin Blanc Café, you’ll not only savor its taste but also appreciate the rich history and passionate debate behind its name. In the end, whatever you choose to call it, one thing’s for certain: it’s irresistibly delicious!

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